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Structured Cable Designs

We take pride in providing well designed and neatly installed network cabling.

100% Trusted

We have never failed to deliver on our promises for great quality services and products.

Experienced Developers

Our developers are well equipped to take on any development project.

Affordable Cost

We offer quality services and products at a price that that suits your pocket. 

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Taking I.T. and Digital services

to the next level

The Cable Guy Network Solutions provides Managed IT Services and Strategic Marketing Solutions which best suit your business needs and future growth prospects.

We aim to combine your IT outsourcing needs with the ever evolving Digital Marketing environment so that you can have all the answers you need from a single provider.

Our IT Outsourcing and Infrastructure solutions focuses heavily on security and network management for small to medium sized businesses, whilst our Digital Marketing operations has no limits to how we can support the growth of your business.

I.T. Services

Network and Infrastructure Management

• Enterprise Network Installations
• Network Health Monitoring
• Equipment Servicing and Upgrades
• Documentation Updates and Management

IT Security

• Security Application management
• Data Integrity Management
• Infrastructure Protection
• Electronic Signature and Certification

Outsourcing and Consulting Services

• IT operation outsourcing
• Service Desk support
• Infrastructure analysis and diagnosis
• Data Security Management

End Point Management

• User Workstation Set Up
• IP Phone Management and Support
• Remote Troubleshooting
• User Administration Management

Design & Development

You will be getting expertise that have years of experiences of providing the highest quality of design and development


Selling High quality

ethernet cable

Other than our structured cabling offering and providing design and development services,
we sell high quality Ethernet cables. We have sizes ranging from 2 meters to custom lengths.

When it comes to our cables we pride ourselves in selling high quality, long lasting Fast Ethernet cables.

We have a wide range of cables with varying colors and lengths.

Contact us for custom orders.

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